Library - Background

The idea of having a library was originally mentioned by Rob Godridge in the Gramophone-Collecting Forum.  He suggested that forum members could start a kind of record archive, but in proper audio so that CDs etc. could be made of the recordings.  Something like the cylinder digitisation project, but for mostly U.K. records, as these are not well circulated/documented at all, not even those of the popular recording artists, and that was a big shame!


As a website was in the process of being set up on the server that hosted the Forum, this seemed to be an ideal place to create the Library.  Using the

Find/List Recordings

page, visitors are able to list existing recordings already stored in the Library - and to search for individual pieces using their Titles, or Artists names for example.   Once found, pieces can be played 'on line', or downloaded as a file for use in personal compilations.

To continually increase the repetoire, anyone who has a suitable recording is able to upload it to the Library, using the

Upload a Recording

page.   There is currently a limit on size of 4 Mb for recordings, and they have to be in mp3 format, recorded at 64 or 96 Kbps.   To help with finding recordings, uploaders are asked to fill in details about each piece - Title, Artist, Musical Type, Media, Quality, etc., and their own name.  An extra box permits the entry of other 'information'.   To reduce 'spamming', an e-mail address is required.   

At the moment, there are only a few recordings in the Library, and some of these are NOT high quality - having been extracted from The EMGColonel's videos on YouTube - but are there to enable visitors to try out the system.   Unfortunately, not all internet browsers work the same way - screens look different on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox for example - and sound playing facilities are equally varied.   For this reason, alternative 'on line' players are available (as




), but it may be that some users will have to use the


facility to enable them to trigger playing on their systems.

Please feel free to search, play, download and upload recordings, and to feedback any problems or suggestions via the Forum.

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